Portfolio offers complete communications services for businesses. It is handles corporate and product communications, graphics, coordinated image and packaging, promotions, outfitting and display at sales outlets, marketing consultancy, media planning and multimedia.

Advertising online and offline

Portfolio prepares advertising campaigns through specific marketing strategies. Today the most effective strategies involve an integrated approach that avails of multiple communications channels including the traditional media and the new online advertising media (adwords campaigns, SEO-SEM campaigns, Facebook, twitter, linkedin).

Developing text and content

Text, of whatever kind, should always be in the proper form, consistent with one’s chosen communications strategy, effective and clear, and it should achieve the predetermined goal. Portfolio looks after the editing of text, it updates and controls content and subject-matter for: corporate literature, websites, social networks, corporate blogs, newsletters.

E-mail marketing

Planning and realisation of email marketing campaigns. These enable varied objectives to be achieved: acquiring new customers, keeping existing ones, reinforcing its own brand or implementing corporate communications.

Retail identity

Development of identification systems for in-store brands (coordinated image at sales outlet, displays, display stands, paperboards, display materials, in-store events, etc.).

Web marketing

Web marketing is a corporate activity that facilitates market research and the development of commercial relationships (promotion/advertising, distribution, sales, customer service, etc.) through the planning and implementation of strategies of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing.


From the creation of new packaging to the restyling of existing packaging already on the market. Packaging can provide information, identify the product and enhance the brand image. It achieves its effect through visual and tactile sensations, and if the packaging is original and impactful it will quickly catch the customer’s attention.

Web design

Graphic design and creation of websites, portals, e-commerce, CMS, blogs which are visible and usable on devices such as tablets and smartphones, always optimised and configured so that they can be easily identified by search engines.


Portfolio is in the business of designing and developing corporate identity. This includes studying the name, creating the logo and the coordinated image of all elements that assist in the creation of a strong brand personality and characteristic style which enable the brand or the company to be recognised and selected by their customers. Corporate identity therefore becomes critically important to successful communications between the company and its target market.

Social Media Manager

Portfolio has assigned an outside professional Social Media Manager who, standing in the customer’s shoes, responds to questions from the community on a daily basis, defending its online reputation, drawing up new articles and publishing them on the website and on the blog, and developing relationships on social networks, sharing articles and posts, providing updates on a continual basis and dealing with information for viral dissemination in order to increase its visibility on search engines and attract new contact in social profiles.

Literature and corporate design

Design and development of graphics for the corporate documentation: annual reports, institutional monographs, house organ product brochures, booklets, leaflets, newsletters, catalogues, calendars, invitations, folders, etc.