Portfolio is a small, dynamic, flexible and creative concern with a strong commitment to consultancy services for customers. Portfolio is a reliable partner that seeks to meet the real needs of companies, and it responds with solutions that are effective without being banal, concrete supporting the company so that it can achieve its goals.

We design and communicate identity.

Identity is the outer expression of a company or a brand.
It includes the name, the logo and all verbal, visual and emotional aspects which contribute to creating its personality. In this way, the character and style is created which makes the trademark or company immediately recognisable. Portfolio designs and communicates the company’s identity using all means necessary to ensure optimum visibility and impact of the message. The relevant experience and skill-set, passion and concentration – all of this is an intrinsic part of every project we are involved in, enabling us to offer the customer the optimal solution and – in many cases – also that little bit extra.

One, two, three or a team of professionals ready to act based on the customer’s real needs.

From advertising to graphic design, from packaging to web design and web marketing, adapting our professional resources to the needs of customers, while maintaining full transparency and competitiveness in economic terms.

Each skill is coordinated by the art director Stefano Gazzola, who has collaborated directly or on behalf of important agencies with many international customers and brands, including:
AMB Packaging, Andrea Mabiani, Adidas, Aeroporto FVG, Amazon.it, APT Venezia, Arteni, Area 98, Cinecittà Holding, Ceramica Dolomite, Cucine Snaidero, Karboxx, Diadora, Dentesano, Electrolux Group, Eminflex, Eurotech, Euro & Promos, Fincantieri, Gazèl, Gervasoni, Gortani, Gruppo Expert, Gruppo De Rigo, Gruppo Doimo, Gruppo Cimbali, Gruppo Piazzetta, Gruppo Quadrifoglio, Gruppo Pittini, Gruppo Policlinico Città di Udine, ICS Olivetti, Idealservice, Marcolin, Morini Gioielli, Nestlè, Nina Ricci, Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli, OZ wheels, Pali, Pam Panorama, Prandina, Pratic, Piovan, Raci, Regione Veneto, Sim2-Seleco, Tecnostrutture, Telit, Universal Geneve.

Stefano Gazzola